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What is a Buyers Agent?

Updated: May 17, 2022

Buyers Agents are your Personal Property Advisor | Your Expert Guidance

Here is a property investment secret. It is a very well kept secret... until now. And it is also one of the most frequently asked question.

"What is a buyer's agent? What does a buyer's agent do?"

Outsmart the property market. Our 3 Step process helps buyers buy fast and with confidence.
Buying Properties. For time-poor investors.

Let's look at this from another perspective. If you have $100,000 in cash and you are looking to invest, will you engage the services of a financial planner or a fund manager? OR are you confident enough to do it yourself?

Now, when you are intending to buy a $1million property, will you seek professional advice? OR will you buy and hope for the best?

Successful property investors like Donald Trump and Warren Buffett do not buy their own properties. They engage the services of buyer advocates or buyer agents. ​ Professional property investors know that buying properties is a very time consuming process which many successful investors do not have. It requires a lot of due diligence, research, planning, feasibility studies / modelling, growth considerations, searching, shortlisting properties, and doing on-site inspections, etc. ​​ Through our 25+ years of experience in working with buyers, we have found that many buyers: ❌ do not have a plan ❌ do not have enough time to source for the property ❌ fear overpaying for the property ❌ do not fully understand what is involved in due diligence ❌ do not like to deal with real estate agents ​❌ do not realise selling real estate agents are bound by law to look after the interest of the seller.

​​ The secret to property buying?

Professional property investors invest in buyer agents and they take advantage of: ✅ reduced inaction cost ✅ simplified purchasing process ✅ faster purchasing process ✅ deeper insights into the area ✅ leveling the playing field against selling agents ✅ confidence, comfort, knowing they finally have an agent working for them. ​ They know the quality and savings from the services of a buyers agent more than make up for the cost of the service. In Melbourne, using the services of a buyer agent can potentially save you over $100,000! Find out why.Did you also know? 50%-75% of the properties sold and bought are not listed. Buyer Agents also have access to off-market properties, and advanced notice from selling agents about upcoming listings. These are valuable lists of properties which are not available to the public, and this means the chances of securing a good off-market property is higher. ​​ More reading How do you find the right buyer agent? ​ If you have a question about buying in the Melbourne market, feel have a chat with us.


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