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FAQ - Concierge Buyers Advocates

Outsmart the market and avoid paying inflated prices.

Is Melbourne based Concierge Buyers Advocates fully independent?

Yes.  Concierge Buyers Advocates are fully funded by our property buying clients to help protect their buying interest.  We do not get commissions from any other real estate sales agents or developers to sell their properties.  This ensures we only recommend the best properties available for you.  Here's what you should know when you engage a buyer's agent.

Why Choose Concierge Buyers Advocates?

Our property buying success rate of over 95% within 2 months, and 98% within 3 months, makes us one of the most results-driven agents in the industry.

Our fully licensed and independent buyers agents always put the interests of property buyers first.  We simplify the buying experience and ensure buyers purchase the right home or investment property at the right price.

Apart from our buyer representation service, we also offer property research, due diligence, auction representation, and post-purchase advice.  We want our clients to receive the most value for their money.

We use our expertise and experience to help ensure your purchase is as smooth sailing as possible.

What are the advantages of using the Buyer's Agent services of Concierge Buyers Advocates, based in Melbourne?

Benefits of using the Melbourne Buyer Agent services includes:

✅ Shortens the property buying process from one year to just two months.

✅ Low cost, low fees, and no-stress no-nonsense approach.

✅ Work with you throughout the entire property purchase process.

✅ Connect you with mortgage brokers who provide some of the best mortgage plans and rates from over 50 different lenders.

✅ Manage the entire property buying process, from finding properties to negotiations, auction bidding, organising pre-purchase inspections and settlement.

✅ Access to a variety of property listings from different sources, including off-market, pre-market, new and upcoming, and discounted properties.

✅ Use advanced fact-based artificial intelligent property analytics and research tools to analyse our recommendations and selections.


So, if you're looking to purchase a property in Melbourne, we're here to simplify the process and provide you with the best possible service.

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Look at what some of our customers say.  

Which Melbourne suburbs do Concierge Buyers Agent buy in?

We are truly independent Buyers Agents, and we are not restricted in the suburbs or territories or areas where we can buy.

We can purchase anywhere in Australia, including Metropolitan Melbourne, regional Victoria, interstates locations such as Sydney, New South Wales, Brisbane, Queensland, Tasmania, Adelaide, South Australia, Perth, Western Australia, etc. If there is a good deal for you, we'll get it for you.  

In recent years, we've bought in Glen Waverley, Wheelers Hill, Doncaster, Mt Waverley, Melbourne CBD, Docklands, Box Hill, Ashburton, Bentleigh, Mt Martha, Drouin, Traralgon, Wodonga, Albury, NSW, etc

Have a look at our major service areas.  

Does Melbourne Concierge Buyers Advocates have an office?

Yes.  We used to have an office in the heart of Glen Waverley.  However, the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns has allowed us to review our business operations and business structure.  We realised we can provide better service to our clients by visiting them at a location convenient to our clients and saving our clients over $3000 while doing that!   We trailed our mobile business model, it is a win-win strategy for all, and we are not turning back anytime soon.

Why should I use the property buying service from Concierge Buyers Advocates?

Get professional help in buying properties with our affordable property buyer service.  Here are the benefits you can enjoy:

✅ Avoid overpaying without realizing it.

✅ Get exclusive access to off-market properties.

✅ Grab discounted property deals.

✅ Access some of the best properties not available to the public.

✅ Receive unbiased advice on property purchases and plans.

✅ Cut down on inaction, buying, and anxiety costs.

✅ No more dealing with real estate sales agents.

✅ Experience a simplified, faster purchasing process.

✅ Gain deeper insights into the area.

✅ Level the playing field against selling agents.

✅ Buy with confidence and comfort, knowing you finally have an agent working for you.

How can the Buyer's Agents at Concierge Buyers Advocates help you?


  • 98% of our property buying clients buy their properties within 3 months;

  • You save more than our fees;

  • You will receive quality, reliable and comprehensive property buying services, saving you over 6-9 months of frustrating property search;


  • 100% independent and we only work for our property buying clients;

  • We ensure trust by only providing honest and unbiased opinions and insights into the property and property market;

  • Majority of our clients are repeat clients and referrals from satisfied clients;


  • Our bespoke home buying program, are tailored to work with your requirements and expectations, and we adjust our buying services just for you.

  • Quality, reliable and comprehensive property buying services, saving you over 6-9 months of property search;

  • We update you throughout the  entire property buying process,

  • We search through the best suburbs for the right property for you.  

FAQ - Concierge Buyers Advocates: FAQ
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