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Outsmart the market and avoid paying inflated prices.

Is Melbourne based Concierge Buyers Advocates fully independent?

Yes.  We are fully paid by our property buying clients to help protect their buying interest.  We do not get commissions from any other real estate sales agents  or developers to choose their properties.  This ensures we select only the best properties available for you.  Here's what you should know when you engage a buyer's agent.

Why Choose Concierge Buyers Advocates?

With a property buying success rate of over 95% within 2 months, and 98% within 3 months, you know you have found one of Melbourne's most results driven and innovative Buyers Agents in the industry. 
Our fully licenced and independent buyers agents protect the interests of property buyers, simplifying the property buying experience, and making sure buyers buy the right home or investment property they want, and at the right price.

Why should I use the property buying service from Concierge Buyers Advocates?

For a small fee, our professional property buyer service lets you take advantage of:
✅ avoid overpaying unknowingly
✅ having access to off-market property
✅ having access to discounted properties
✅ having access to some of the best property deals not accessible to general public
✅ having access to unbiased opinion about a property purchase or property plan
✅ reduced inaction cost
✅ reduced buying cost
✅ reduced buying anxiety
✅ reduced hassle from real estate agents
✅ simplified, faster purchasing process
✅ deeper insights into the area
✅ levelling the playing field against selling agents
✅ buy with confidence, comfort, knowing you finally have an agent working for you.

What are the benefits of using the Buyer's Agent service from Melbourne based-Concierge Buyers Advocates?

As a comprehensive Melbourne Buyer Agent service provider, some of the benefits of using our services are:

  • Shortens property buying process from about a year to 2 months

  • Low Cost, Low Fees, No-nonsense

  • Work with you throughout the entire property purchase process

  • Puts you in touch with mortgage brokers, who will provide you with some of the best mortgage plans and best mortgage rates available from over 50 different lenders, if necessary.

  • Manage the entire property buying process, from finding properties, submitting offers / bidding, to organising the pre-purchase inspections such as building and pest, conveyancing and settlement for you.

  • Access to listings from a variety of sources, including off-market properties, pre-market properties, new and upcoming properties, and discounted properties. 

  • Use advanced fact based artificial intelligent property analytics and research tools to analyse our recommendations / selections.

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Look at what some of our customers say.  

How can our Buyer's Agents at Concierge Buyers Advocates help you?


  • 98% of our property buying clients buy their properties within 3 months;

  • You save more than our fees;

  • You will receive quality, reliable and comprehensive property buying services, saving you over 6-9 months of frustrating property search;


  • 100% independent and we only work for our property buying clients;

  • We ensure trust by only providing honest and unbiased opinions and insights into the property and property market;

  • Majority of our clients are repeat clients and referrals from satisfied clients;


  • Our bespoke home buying program, are tailored to work with your requirements and expectations, and we adjust our buying services just for you.

  • Quality, reliable and comprehensive property buying services, saving you over 6-9 months of property search;

  • We update you throughout the  entire property buying process,

  • We search through the best suburbs for the right property for you.  

Which Melbourne suburbs do Concierge Buyers Agent buy in?

We are truly independent Buyers Agents, and we are not restricted in the suburbs where we can buy.

We do not have any listings, and are not restricted to buy only certain properties in certain areas.  If there is a good deal for you, we'll get it for you.  

In recent years, we've bought in Glen Waverley, Wheelers Hill, Doncaster, Mt Waverley, Melbourne CBD, Docklands, Box Hill, Ashburton, Bentleigh, Mt Martha, Drouin, Traralgon.

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