Concierge Buyers Advocates

For those who want to outsmart the market and avoid the inflated pricing, Concierge Buyers Advocates provides a 3 step process for time-poor property buying clients needing to make quick, and confident buying decisions.

As Victoria's licensed independent property buyers agents in Melbourne, we look after the buyers' interest in buying properties, ensuring we get the best buying outcome.

Our efficient, 3 Step property buying service helps home buyers and property investors find the right property, at the right price fast. 



  • Uncover your needs 

  • Explore you wants


  • Review what is available in the market

  • Due Diligence satisfied

  • Discuss our best plan forward


  • Buy at auction or private offer

  • Acquire Ownership


If you are buying your First Home, next home, relocating to Melbourne, a property investor investing in Melbourne properties, get in touch.  Our buyer's advocates can find you the best property from all sources, including off-market listings. 

Our many satisfied clients have made us one of Melbourne's most trusted buyer's advocate agencies in Melbourne.

Read some of their success stories.

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Buying Melbourne Properties?

How can our property buying service help you today?

I am buying my First Home in Melbourne, I need help to outsmart the market and buy fast.

I am buying a property.  I need independent buyer's advocate advice.

I am relocating to Melbourne.  I need help buying a house.

I need help to find and buy my home.  I  do not want to deal with real estate sales agents.

I am building my investment property portfolio. I need property investment property advice.

I am interested in a Melbourne property.  I need help with property inspection.

I am selling my property.  I want to get the best price and reduce the selling cost.

I need help to manage my renovation and development work.