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At Concierge Buyers Advocates, we believe in making it easy for everyone to purchase their dream homes and investment properties.  As Victoria's licensed real estate buyers agents, we represent the buyers' best interest when buying a property. 

Buying your property with us is a quick, easy, time saving and cost effective process.  Our simple, streamlined property buying service has helped many home buyers and property investors find the right property, at the right price.  We treat every property purchase as our own and we put the same scrutiny, effort and due diligence into every single property purchase. 

Whether you are a First Home Buyer, next home buyer, relocating to Melbourne, or a property investor planning to buy a Melbourne property, get in touch.  Let's explore how we can help get you the best possible property buying outcome. 

Our many satisfied clients have made us one of Melbourne's fastest growing buyer's advocate agency.  To date, we have achieved:

✅ over $50 million in purchases annually for our local and foreign property buying clients;

✅ prevented our clients from overpaying by an average of $150,000;

✅ saved over 8 months of wasted property search for each client;

✅ over 95% success rate for our first home buyers clients; Read some of their success stories.

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I am buying my First Home in Victoria, I need help to buy fast.

I am relocating to Melbourne.  I need help to find my home fast.

I am looking for help to find and buy my home.  I do not want to deal with sales agents.

I am looking for quality, new house and land properties.

I am building my investment property portfolio.  Looking for Melbourne investment property advice.

I am selling my property.  I want to get the best price and reduce the selling cost.

I have a property in mind.  I need a buyer's advocate to help to buy it.

I have a property in Melbourne.  I need help with property inspection.