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Brentwood Secondary College School Zone

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

You would have heard of Glen Waverley Secondary College and how entry to its school is so competitive that property prices within the school zone is worth about 30% more than similar houses outside the school zone. In fact, you probably landed here while searching for Glen Waverley Secondary College properties. But, did you know, Glen Waverley Secondary College is not the only good public school in City of Monash?

There are another 2 good secondary schools within Glen Waverley, and Brentwood Secondary College is one of the 2. Brentwood Secondary is probably the quiet achiever in the area. It is producing top students consistently every year, but it does this in a different way.

Compared to Glen Waverley Secondary College, the teaching staff and students at Brentwood Secondary College embraces diversity a lot more. And by diversity, we mean students of ALL background. Different ethnic background, cultural background, education background, study needs, etc. It has a strong emphasis on student wellbeing and magically mixes study with fun and care, a lot better than Glen Waverley Secondary College.

As buyers agents based in Glen Waverley, home buyers have been consistently asking us to help them break into the ultra competitive property market in Glen Waverley. We've been honoured to have helped many families buy their homes in the Brentwood Secondary College School Zone, enabling their children's enrolment into the Brentwood Secondary College, one of the top government secondary colleges in Victoria.

For more information about Brentwood Secondary College the school zone and Glen Waverley, follow our link Glen Waverley Brentwood Secondary College Properties Buyer's Advocate .

We are local to Brentwood Secondary College and we have been helping home buyers and investors find and buy properties in the Brentwood Secondary College School Zone. Get the facts right. Get it from a Buyers Advocate in the area. If your kids' and your circumstances fits the school enrolment criteria, we'll ensure you get the right property to qualify for enrolment into the Brentwood Secondary College.

No other buyer agents can be so confident to get this right.

Brentwood Secondary College vs Glen Waverley Secondary College

So, how does Brentwood Secondary College compared with Glen Waverley Secondary College? Here is a brief of Brentwood Secondary College vs Glen Waverley Secondary College, compiled through student interviews and other public domain information.

Brentwood Secondary College

Glen Waverley Secondary College


Off Watsons Road between Waverley Road and Ferntree Gully Road

Right in the heart of Glen Waverley, next to the Glen Waverley Train Station


Approx 1500 students (2023)

Approx 2300 students (2023)

Teaching style

Good focus on academic and personal wellbeing and personal development.

Strong focus on academic results

Price of typical 3 bedroom house on standard block in School Zone (2023)

$1,300,000 to $1,5000,000

$1,600,000 to $2,000,000

Buying Difficulty for Properties in School Zone


Very Competitive

Where is the Brentwood Secondary College School Zone?

The Brentwood Secondary College school zone (BSC/BSZ) is a tiny area of about 1 km by 2km around the school. Compared to other Secondary Schools of similar size in the Eastern Melbourne suburbs, Brentwood Secondary College has a smallish catchment area. This is primarily due to the fact that the secondary college is flanked by a few other secondary colleges in the area, and around Glen Waverley. The main secondary colleges flanking Brentwood Secondary College includes Glen Waverley Secondary College (GWSC), Mount Waverley Secondary School (MWSC), Wheelers Hill Secondary College, South Oakleigh Secondary College, Westall Secondary College and Wellington Secondary College.

Why is Brentwood Secondary College so popular?

Brentwood Secondary College has been consistently and quietly producing student with outstanding VCE results. It is one of the more competitive secondary schools in the Eastern Melbourne area, due to the quality of students it attract, and the academic curriculum and emphasis on student wellbeing. As the Brentwood Secondary College catchment area is relatively small and student capacity is limited, the school has to enforce its enrolment criteria strictly. Students have to meet strict residency criteria, before being considered for enrolment. These criteria includes where the student is residing in, if the student has any other siblings in the college, etc. The enforcement of these criteria are tweaked annually according to the expected student intake. Criterias are known to be added, modified or relaxed.

Why is it important to get the right property in Glen Waverley?

Because of strong enrolment competition into secondary colleges such as Brentwood Secondary College in Glen Waverley, prices of properties in its catchment areas in Glen Waverley and Wheelers Hill can vary a lot. The right properties in the Brentwood secondary school catchment area can be worth a premium above similar properties outside the school zone, and this gap is slowly widening, as the profile of the school rises and becomes more popular.

What this means for buyers is, you need to choose the right properties, so you do not overpay or missed getting into the school zone.

What happens if you are living just outside the school zone?

Well, I'll say tough luck. Chances are, you will likely end up in your local school. Brentwood Secondary College is popular, and demand from students within its catchment usually outstrips the student capacity. As a public school, it follows standard Victoria Secondary School enrolment guidelines. It has no obligations to accept students, if they do not reside in the school zone. So, when it comes to enrolment, and selecting your secondary school, it will help if you simply apply for your local school.

How to find the right property in the Brentwood Secondary School Zone?

To find the right property for Brentwood Secondary College, you will need to know where the catchment is. You need to be exact. Brentwood Secondary College has been known to enforce its enrolment criteria quite strictly. Demand from students within its school catchment area outstrips the student capacity. And, as with standard Victoria Secondary School enrolment criteria, it has no obligations to accept students not residing in the school zone.

Students had been rejected even if they are just 1 house on the wrong side of the school zone. You will also need to know the prevailing enrolment criteria, etc. If you need help to find the right property for the school, get in touch with us. We have been helping home buyers find the right property for the school since we started our buyers advocacy business. 100% of our clients buying their homes for the school, have been able to buy one that qualifies.

Give our buyers advocates a call, to discuss how we can help you buy your home in the Brentwood Secondary School zone.

Head over to Heraldsun to check how Victorian schools had been performing over the last 5 years.

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