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Buyer's Agent Advantage - Making your offer

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Are there any advantages when making offers for properties through a buyer's advocate (or buyer's agent)?

The answer should be "NO". But in practice and through experience and feedback from the agents and clients, it seems to suggest offers presented by a buyer's advocate have a higher standing amongst all other offers.

First, let's hear from the real estate sales agents

Throughout our years of property buying experience, our team at Concierge Buyers Advocates has bought over $200million dollars worth of houses. On average, we inspect over 300 houses, and buy an average of 1 property per week. Some of the feedbacks we had received from sales agents include:

  • we know buyers' advocates like you don't sit around

  • your offer is not the highest, but is the most attractive

  • you guys know what you are doing

  • we love working with you. You make our lives so much easier.

  • very well and professionally negotiated.

  • your offer is so much more professional, then the others

The above feedback seems to suggest real estate sales agents view our offers differently, and, often, in a good way. Of course, we do have some negative feedbacks, primarily caused by the inexperienced buyers agents and black sheeps in the industry.

Let's try to explore why offers from buyer's advocates seems to be preferred.

Why are Offers Presented by Buyer's Advocates viewed Preferably?

We love to know definitively why. But no agents will openly admit they prefer our offers over the non-represented offers, because it will be illegal for then to admit. They need to present all offers equally.

However, let's try to dissect this from 3 angles:

  1. Our buyers are serious about buying. Serious enough to pay a buyer's advocate to buy for them. This is very important in the psychology of the sales agent. Engaging a Buyer's Advocates shows the buyers are serious, and ready to purchase. Serious enough to pay to engage a professional Buyer's Advocate.

  2. Professional Authority. Our Buyers Advocates have a strict qualification and on boarding process. Our upfront, no nonsense qualification approach ensures we only accept clients who are serious and ready to buy. It is a known fact that we reject more prospective customers than we accept their engagements. Buyers who are "just looking" will not be offered our services. Our on-boarding process and consultative approach also ensures we know what our client wants, and our due diligence processes ensure the properties we shortlist meets the clients' expectations. Sales agents also know buyers advocates are not emotionally attached to the property they are buying, and we are ready to walk away, if we cannot agree on the offer. This is something which NO home buyers can do. Home buyers are always emotionally attached to the house, and this makes them easy prey for the sales agents.

  3. Sales agents are just humans. Humans being humans, loves the easy path. When they know they have a serious offer from a committed buyer, who is ready to buy, and their offer is reasonable, why would they not support it? The agents would have received many other unrepresented offers, of varying qualities, and they know how difficult and troublesome it is to work with those offers.

Let's explain the Buyers Agent Advantage with an example:

Let's say you are about to demand $x thousand dollars from a rogue business partner. You can either personally write a letter of demand to the partner, or you can have the letter of demand written by a person with professional legal authority, usually a lawyer. Guess which letter carries more weight and which one will your partner take more seriously?

What does this mean?

When our buyers advocates bring an offer to the sales agent, they agents know the buyer has been qualified, verified and supported by another real estate professional. It is a professional and serious offer, the offer is reasonable and the buyer is ready to buy what they are selling, plus, they know we will not hesitate to walk away if we do not have an agreement on the offer. The agent knows it is going to be an easy sale, and the only thing stopping their sale is the offer package. So they are often, more willing to negotiate and mutually agree to the offer. They know they can get their commission fast, and they are not prepared to let this opportunity slip away. They are more prepared to negotiate reasonably. They know their tricks are unlikely to work against another real estate professional, so they don't usually mess around with their excuses.

Are offers from all Buyers Advocates Viewed in the Same Light?

We don't think so. Experience, integrity and reputation plays an important role in how successful the offer is likely to be. Low ball offers, usually from inexperienced / fake buyers advocates, definitely do not stand any chance in ANY market. Good or bad. Low ball offers harms the buyer's (and buyer's advocates) reputation in the property market.

Reputable Buyers Advocates like us take our reputation very seriously and we will never low ball our offers, but our offers are usually amongst the lowest possible to secure the property.

Afterall, we are in the business to help property buyers buy the property.

Is it expensive to engage a Buyer's Advocates to Buy a Property?

No, it is not. Our services start from a reasonable priced negotiation and auction bidding service to a full fledge Search-and-Buy service.

Our negotiation and auction bidding service helps buyers get the best price for the dream homes and investment properties which they had found. There are 2 reasonably priced packages:

Low Fees Property Negotiation packages

  1. Low Fixed Fees Negotiation. For a low fixed fees, we will help you negotiate up to 3 properties.

  2. No-win-no-fees Negotiation. If you are not getting any savings, you do not pay a cent*. Qualification criteria applies.

The Low Fixed Fees Negotiation and Bid service comes with a discounted upgrade to out full fledge service, should you decide that DIY house finding is too hard.

Get in touch to find out more.


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