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​Six things Every First Home Buyer must know when Buying Your First Home.

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

First Home Buyers almost always miss out on their properties. And not only that, those who managed to buy one, almost always end up buying properties passed over or rejected by Buyer's Agents. Why is this so? How can a First Home Buyer buy the right property for themselves?

First, let's look at the shocking statistics. Consumer Research has shown:

  1. over 80% of the First Home Buyers do not know what they want, what to look for, where to search for, and more importantly, they have no idea where to start and have no time to do the actual house hunting.

  2. over 80% of the remaining 20% thought they knew what to look for, but ended up buying the wrong property;

  3. over 80% of first home buyers ended up buying in the wrong types of properties in the wrong places;

  4. over 90% of first home buyers are not successful in their purchase;

  5. and 80% of those who successfully bought their property, ended up overpaying for it, putting them in a bad position for up to 10 years or more;

  6. not all properties that are marketed to first home buyers are suitable for first home owners.

Sounds complicated and confusing? Unfortunately, it is. Marketing experts have made every property look like a gem. And without understanding how the real estate industry works and the experience of being in the real estate game, it is very difficult for inexperienced property buyers to see through the marketing fluff to understand what a property is really worth. Thus, they ended up buying the wrong property. Well, it is not their fault. They were made by the advertisements to think the property is right for them.

Savvy first home buyers have discovered that our First Home Buyers Service can help:

  1. improve your property success rate to over 98%.

  2. understand the basics of property buying

  3. understand which property is suitable for first home buyers

  4. understand what the property is really worth confidently

  5. understand what price you should be paying for the property.

​Buy your first home confidently with our first home buying service. We work with you to outsmart the property market and avoid overpaying for the property. Our First Home buyers agents help first home buyers buy their homes confidently and quickly.

Get in touch today to find out more.



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