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What is the role of buyers advocates?

As Buyer's Advocates, we are a coach, a mentor and a helping hand to the discerning property buyer. We are not here just to sign up a client and complete a transaction.

We take you through a journey, find solutions to your problems, stay by you long term and help you grow, and mange any curve balls you have along the journey.

This young first home buying couple with 1 kid and another on the way, had been searching for their first home for over a year with no luck. They had also seen prices jumped about 15% in the suburbs they're interested in.

After our initial consultation, they engaged our services at Concierge Buyers Advocates, within 2 weeks we presented 5 suitable properties and by the third weekend, they found their dream home.

This first home buyers were absolutely delighted! They said they could have avoided their year of stress and bought something for 15% less, had they engaged our services a year ago.

Concierge Buyers Advocates had taken all their worries away.

Sometimes we have to invest to get ahead. Invest in the right services to complement our weakness. Short of time, lack of knowledge, lack of suitable network and experience, etc.


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