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  • Professional property buyer and negotiator

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  • Saving you time, stress and money

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Concierge Buyers Advocates

Convenience.  Confidence.  Right Price.
Your One-Stop Home and Investment Property Buying Advocates.

Buy your dream home and investment property with Concierge Buyers Advocates - the convenient One-Stop home and investment property solution for savvy buyers.  Say goodbye to inflated prices, endless searches and dealing with sales agents. 
Trust our independent Buyers Advocates / Buyers Agents with unbiased expert knowledge of the Melbourne and Australian property market to guide you through the property buying process. 
Invest in your future with confidence and take advantage of our unbiased insights, saving you time, money and stress.

Join us on the ultimate buying experience today!

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How Can Buyers Agents Help Home and Investment Property Buyers?

Our One-stop home and investment property buying solution simplifies your property buying experience.  Designed to meet the needs of home and investment property buyer who need that extra speed and confidence, our stress-free property buying experience allows you to make confident decisions and buy fast, saving you time, money and stress.

Experience the Ultimate Property Buying Experience

  • Take care of all your buying needs.  From financing through to settlement.  No more dealing with sales agents, endless, disappointing and frustrating property searches and inspections. 

  • Help you define what you want and acquisition strategy

  • Then we'll find it, and buy it for you.

  • Personalised approach designed to help you make the best buying and investment decisions fast and confidently. 

The Melbourne property market has turned, and buyers are coming back to the market.  Get in before full-blown FOMO returns. 

Get in touch to experience the power and convenience of THE One-Stop Property Buying Concierge Service today!  

Your simple, confident and fast home and investment property buying concierge.  Our convenient one-stop buying service includes:

Stress-free home and investment property purchase. We will handle everything, from start to finish. Tell us what you want and we'll take care of the rest – from search, negotiations, auction bidding, to keys collection. No more wasting time on inspections and stress dealing with negotiations and auctions. Own your dream property with ease and convenience. 


Our team of buyers advocates will ensure you buy the property at the best possible price. Our expert negotiators and due diligence saved $500k in one instance.

The auction bidding service from our buyers advocates protects you from the stress of the auction. Know the property value, bid confidently and avoid overpaying.  We will take the heat for you. Don't let the pressure of an auction change your budget.

Mortgage / Financing

Know your serviceability and budget. Or refinance, for better rates and unlock equity from your asset portfolio for your next property purchase.  Receive cashback promotions and reduce your mortgage interest rates! Get in touch with some of the best lenders and mortgage teams in Australia. Applicable to non-clients too.

Why Buy with Concierge Buyers Advocates?

Why Use Concierge Buyers Advocates to Buy Your Property

Experience the confidence and convenience of stress-free property buying with Melbourne's top-performing Buyers Agents.  With over 20 years experience and a consistent success rate of over 99%, our expertise and commitment will find you the right home or investment property at the best possible price.

Say goodbye to the stress and confusion of property buying.  Our independent and licensed Buyers Advocates simplify the buying process, and to protect you and your buying interests.  Whether you're looking to buy your dream home or make an informed investment, our innovative results-driven approach will buy what you want, what you need and set you up for success.

We navigate the complex property market, find the best property, and buy it for you.  Experience the confidence and peace of mind that comes with having one of Melbourne's best Buyers Advocates on your side.

Why Use Concierge Buyers Advocates to Buy Your Property

​Benefits of using Concierge Buyers Advocates

✅ Confidence:

  • We are 100% independent and licenced, and only work for property buyers.

  • 8+ years in the Buyers Advocacy Industry

  • 99.5% success rate

  • Almost $1 billion purchased in the last 5 years

  • Financial savings - We get the property you want, at the best possible price.  Our largest single savings to date? $500k.

  • Integrity - We ensure trust by providing honest and unbiased opinions and insights into the property and property market.


  • One-Stop Bespoke Property Buying Service, customised to your needs and expectations. 

  • Helping you explore all locations, options and possibilities.

  • 95% of our property buying clients bought their properties in 2 months.

  • Independent, reliable and comprehensive property buying services, saving you over 6-9 months of frustrating property search.

✅ Complete:​

  • Being independent allows us to buy from all sources, anyone, any agencies.

  • Your one-stop end to end home and investment property buying solution.

  • We search through the best suburbs in Melbourne, Victoria and Australia for the right property.

  • Access to exclusive and off-market properties, not available to the public.

  • Complete, from search till settlement and keys collection.

✅ Stress-free:​

  • Leave all buying hassle to us.

  • No more dealing with sales agents.

  • We negotiate for the best possible price.

  • We protect you and your interests at auctions events.

  • We manage everything, from sourcing to keys collection.

Who can Buyers Advocates help?


Buyers who had benefited from our home and investment property services include:

Client Success Stories and Reviews

Success stories: Read our client's success stories.

Reviews: Read our client's testimonials and reviews.

And for visiting us, here is our free property buying tip for you:

What is the one thing all property buyers should know?​ 

Know who pays your real estate agent. 

It can save you hundreds of thousands. 

Here's what the law says about your real estate agent.

Experience the ultimate property buying experience.  Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with real estate sales agentsOur expert Buyers Agents understand the Melbourne property market.  We will help you uncover your dream home or investment property from the best suburbs, and help you secure the best properties.  Saving you time, money and stress.

Simplify your property buying journey.  No more endless property searches, frustration and uncertainties. 


Focus on what really matters to you – leave the buying hassle to us, spend time with your family and loved ones.

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