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Recent Buys - South East Melbourne Bluechip Suburb

How do you make $140,000 in 2 months?

Melbourne buyers advocates. 15% growth in 2 months.

Final inspection: Done Settlement: On Track

Our client bought this in the first fortnight of lockdown. 8 weeks later, we're doing our final inspection. Still in lockdown.

In 8 short weeks, on settlement day, this very property could easily sell for $140k more. By investing in our relatively low cost Buyers Advocates service, our client received a massive 16 times returns. That's $17.5k a week in returns.

Our buyers advocacy service helps our clients buy in under 3 months, compared to up to a year for someone buying on their own. This particular client of ours bought this property in under 2 months. And we bought this for $30,000 below valuation. We've saved them over 3 times our fees, up front.

If they were to buy on their own, they would have paid over $400k more for something similar in a year's time.

How else can you make $140k in 2 months by doing nothing?



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